Working Papers:

Data-driven discovery of cyber-physical systems, 2014.

On the powerball method for optimization, 2016.

On the inverse power flow problem, 2015.

Journal Papers: (By topics)

System Identification and Control Theory

W. Pan, Y. Yuan*, L. Ljung, J. Gonçalves and G. Stan, Identification of nonlinear state-space systems from heterogeneous datasets, IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems, to appear, 2017.

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Applitions to Cyber-physical Systems:

= industrial systems

Y. Yuan, H. Zhang, Y. Wu, T. Zhu and H. Ding, Bayesian learning-based model predictive vibration control for thin-walled workpiece machining processes, IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics, Volume: 22, Issue: 1, Page 509 - 520, 2017.

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X. Yang, Y. Yuan, X. Zhang and P. Palmer, Shaping high-power IGBT switching transitions by active voltage control for reduced EMI generation, IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, 2015.

= biology

E. Herrero, E. Kolmos, N. Bujdoso, Y. Yuan, M. Wang, M. Berns, G. Coupland, R. Saini, M. Jaskolski, A. Webb, J. Gonçalves and S. Davis, Early Flowering4 recruitment of Early Flowering3 in the nucleus sustains the Arabidopsis circadian clock, the Plant Cell, Volume 24, No. 2, Page 428-443, 2012. (Impact Factor: 10.6)

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Selected Conference Papers:

L. Yao, Y. Yuan*, S. Sundaram and T. Yang, “Distributed finite-time optiization,” IEEE ICCA, 2018. (Best Student Paper Award)

O. Ardakanian, Y. Yuan*, R. Dobbe, A. von Meier, S. Low and C. Tomlin, “Event detection and localization in distribution grids with phasor measurement units,” IEEE PES General Meeting, 2017. (Best of the Best Conference Paper Award)

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Y. Yuan, J. Liu, R. M. Murray and J. Goncalves, “Minimal-time dynamical consensus,” in Proceedings of IEEE American Control Conference, 2012.

Y. Yuan and L. Shi, “Minimum sensor duty cycle with guaranteed estimator performance,” IEEE International Conference on Information and Automation, 2012. (Best Paper Award, Finalist)

^* Corresponding author.