Current Research Interests:

On the unification of System Identification, Control, Optimization and Machine Learning with applications to the understanding and (re-)design of natural and man-made systems. In particular, I have been focusing on applications such as manufacturing, robotics, biology and power systems.

Testbed in my lab:

Quadrotors (Vicon Motion Capture System, Crazyflie 2.0)

Robots (UR3, Kinect)


GPU cluster (Nvidia 1080)

Group at Huazhong UST:

Postdocs: Dr. Xiuting Li (PhD Maths HUST, 2016-), Dr. Cheng Cheng (PhD Imperial College London, 2018-), Dr. Wei He (PhD Power HUST, 2017-, Co-supervised with Prof. Xiaoming Yuan)

PhDs: Ruijuan Chen, Zuowei Ping, Yunlong Dong, Guijun Ma, Junlin Li, Xiuchuan Tang, Tan Shen, Yuqiang Wu, Wei Zhou (Co-supervised with Prof. Hai-Tao Zhang), Weigao Sun (Co-supervised with Prof. Hai-Tao Zhang)

Masters: Minglu Li, Xiaoquan Tang, Xiangdi Liu, Beitong Zhou, Guorui Shen, Jingjing Hong, Xueqi Dai, Linan Deng, Pengchao Hu, Peixin Tan, Xiankang Liu, Yu Zhang, Wenqian Jiang, Ruishuang Chen, Ce Shi, Wei Wang

Long-term Visitors: Prof. Vassilis Vassiliodis (9.2017 - 10. 2017, Cambridge), Prof. Tao Yang(6.2017 - 7.2017, UNT), Prof. Jun Liu (5.2017 - 6.2017, Waterloo), Frank Jiang (9.2016 - 10.2016, UC Berkeley), Dr. Wei Pan (8.2016 - 9.2016, Imperial College), Yorie Nakahira (Caltech)

Group Alumni: (and where they are now.)

Class 2017: Xuejun Wang (CMU), Yuzhen Liu(Tsinghua), Jiazhuo Qin(UCSD), Haowei Xiang(UMICH)

Class 2018:

Previously Co-supervised Students: (and where they are now.)

Yiming Li (M.Phil., Cambridge, 2015-)

Zuogong Yue (Ph.D., LCSB, 2014-) Granger causality, dynamical structure functions.

Dr. Wei Pan (Ph.D., Bioengineering, Imperial College, 2011-2015) Nonlinear identification using sparse Bayesian learning. DJI Shenzhen.

Dr. Peyman Gifani (Ph.D., Control Engineering, Cambridge, 2011-2015) Engineering design principle in synthetic biology. University of Cambridge, Wellcome Trust Senisor internship.

Dr. David Hayden (Ph.D., Control Engineering, Cambridge, 2011-2015) Network reconstruction using intrinsic noises. Machine Learning Researcher in London.

Dr. Alberto Carignano (Ph.D., Control Engineering, Cambridge, 2011-2014) Modelling of Circadian Clocks. University of Washington, postdoc researcher.

Dr. Xin Yang (Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Cambridge, 2011-2014) Robust stability analysis and design for IGBT. NUDT lecturer.

Dr. Neave O’Clery (Ph.D., Mathematics, Imperial College, 2011-2013) Graph Theory, Complex Networks. Fulbright researcher at Harvard University.