Current Research Interests:

On the unification of System Identification, Control, Optimization and Machine Learning with applications to the understanding and (re-)design of natural and man-made systems. In particular, I have been focusing on applications such as manufacturing, robotics, biology and power systems.

Testbed in my lab:

Quadrotors (Vicon Motion Capture System, Crazyflie 2.0)

Robots (UR3, Kinect)


GPU cluster (Nvidia 1080)

Group at Huazhong UST:

Postdocs: Dr. Xiuting Li (PhD Maths HUST, 2016-), Dr. Wei He (PhD Power HUST, 2017-)

PhDs: Ruijuan Chen, Zuowei Ping, Yunlong Dong, Guijun Ma, Junlin Li, Xiuchuan Tang, Tan Shen

Masters: Minglu Li, Xiaoquan Tang, Xiangdi Liu, Beitong Zhou, Guorui Shen, Jingjing Hong, Xueqi Dai, Linan Deng, Pengchao Hu, Peixin Tan, Xiankang Liu

Long-term Visitors: Prof. Vassilis Vassiliodis (9.2017 - 10. 2017, Cambridge), Prof. Tao Yang(6.2017 - 7.2017, UNT), Prof. Jun Liu (5.2017 - 6.2017, Waterloo), Frank Jiang (9.2016 - 10.2016, UC Berkeley), Dr. Wei Pan (8.2016 - 9.2016, Imperial College), Yorie Nakahira (Caltech)

Group Alumni: (and where they are now.)

Class of 2017: Xuejun Wang (CMU), Yuzhen Liu(Tsinghua), Jiazhou Qin(UCSD), Haowei Xiang(UMICH)

Previously Co-supervised Students: (and where they are now.)

Yiming Li (M.Phil., Cambridge, 2015-)

Zuogong Yue (Ph.D., LCSB, 2014-) Granger causality, dynamical structure functions.

Dr. Wei Pan (Ph.D., Bioengineering, Imperial College, 2011-2015) Nonlinear identification using sparse Bayesian learning. DJI Shenzhen.

Dr. Peyman Gifani (Ph.D., Control Engineering, Cambridge, 2011-2015) Engineering design principle in synthetic biology. University of Cambridge, Wellcome Trust Senisor internship.

Dr. David Hayden (Ph.D., Control Engineering, Cambridge, 2011-2015) Network reconstruction using intrinsic noises. Machine Learning Researcher in London.

Dr. Alberto Carignano (Ph.D., Control Engineering, Cambridge, 2011-2014) Modelling of Circadian Clocks. University of Washington, postdoc researcher.

Dr. Xin Yang (Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Cambridge, 2011-2014) Robust stability analysis and design for IGBT. NUDT lecturer.

Dr. Neave O’Clery (Ph.D., Mathematics, Imperial College, 2011-2013) Graph Theory, Complex Networks. Fulbright researcher at Harvard University.