You need CVX to run the following code examples.

  1. Matlab code for Y. Yuan, M. Li and C. J. Tomlin, On the Powerball method. download

  2. Matlab code for Y. Yuan, Y. Nakahira and C. Tomlin, On identification of parameterized switched linear systems. download

  3. Matlab code for W.Pan, Y. Yuan*, J. Goncalves and G.-B. Stan, A Sparse Bayesian Approach to the Identification of Nonlinear State-Space Systems, IEEE Transaction on Automatic Control, 2015 (to appear). Download


Co-Founder: iTraffic - Traffic Flow and Speed Prediction using real loop data in Shanghai, 2013

Business plan is available upon request.

Certificate: 2013 CSSAUK high-level entrepreneurship challange finalist

News coverage: 1000 Plan, China Hightech, Zhongguancun